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What people have said:


Jamie is a force that opens people up to who they really are and allows them to make positive change and realise their dreams" 

Nancy Kline, Author of Time to Think


Kirsty helped me realise my career goals through her ability to create a safe, supportive and trusting environment, where I felt comfortable to share and self-discover."

Charlotte Stewart


Why Coaching?

Coaching catalyses uninterrupted thinking for creativity and innovation to flow. It reveals insight and activates movement and empowerment for change.

Our Coaching Offers

Human Sustainability Coaching 

Self-discovery through a different lens, shifts perspective and untangles limiting assumptions. This coaching pathway holistically reframes relationships with oneself, others and the world.

Leadership Development Coaching 

A coaching process for expanding the range of ability for individuals to perform in leadership roles. Building agile thinkers engenders transformational leaders who are equipped to identify needed change beyond themselves.  

Executive Coaching 

Executive coaching is an art. Sessions being creatively skilled and raise incisive questions to challenge and support senior leaders in any organisation to thrive. Innovation is unlocked and feeling empowered, executives help themselves and their business to sustainably excel over the long term.

Team Coaching 

Team literate coaching orchestrates identified systemic change. Individuals and cross functional teams are unified within a psychologically safe culture for rich innovation and increased diversity of thought. A sustainable and connected approach to collaboration is embedded.

Our Coaches

We are independent coaches connected by our shared sense of purpose, values and culture. We each offer something different, but we are committed to a synergised intention for individuals and organisations to identify sustainable pathways. 

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Kirsty Knowles

Connect with Kirsty for:

  • Human Sustainability Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development Coaching

  • Team Coaching


Jamie Armstrong

Connect with Jamie for: 

  • Human Sustainability Coaching 

  • Leadership Development Coaching 

  • Team Coaching 


Our coaches will facilitate fresh thinking for a more sustainable approach to the different areas of your life.