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What do I offer?

Sustainable Development Coaching

Personal Development Training

Executive & Leadership Training

About Gayatri

Strength: 'Change Ignitor'


Origin: ‘Mumbai, the city of dreams!’

Why Sustainable Pathways Collective?

It felt like a natural next phase to connect with like-minded beings who are equally passionate and driven towards creating a sustainable world.

Journey so far...

With the thought that survival is only of the fittest, my journey began in retail in my teens to marketing through to sales and into the corporate world. I designed modules and facilitated learning for Executives and Leaders on team building, language, soft skills and behavioural change for companies like Accenture, Volkswagen, NOW TV, 3 G, Cox & Kings, Ocwen Financial, Cognizant to name a few.


As a voluntary Career Councillor, I felt inspired to pursue Career Education which led me to home-school my energetic 8-year-old and my desire to improve the human condition remained strong.


During self-discovery and realisation through Yoga and Meditation, under the guidance of Sadguru of Isha Foundation, I realised that: “In is the only way out.” I leaned into sustainable personal development and transformation, from which grew a new role of Yoga Veera volunteer offering powerful practices to help boost immunity and overall wellbeing with a one-of-a-kind, not-for-profit organisation, focused on human empowerment and social revitalisation.


With over 15 years of experience as a Training and Development Coach & Consultant, I am skilled in Coaching, Team Building, Training Delivery and trained as a Yoga Veera Instructor offering life transforming yogic practices.

The current path:

I am inspired to be a gardener of growth and transformation through Yoga, Meditation and Development for Individuals, organisations and communities to Think, Live and Work Sustainably with Ease.

Which SDGs are you working towards?


Qualifications and 

  • Bachelors in Business Administration

  • Career Education Officer in the making

  • Pursuing CPD accreditation as a Yoga Trainer


Cosmic Being, Sustainable Development Coach and Training Facilitator.