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What do I offer?

Personal 1 to 1  Coaching 

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Time to Think Coach and Consultant

StrengthScope & SpotlightProfile Practitioner 

About Jamie

Strength: 'Creative Starter Motor'

Generation: X

Origin: ‘Glaswegian'

Why Sustainable Pathways Collective?

I co-founded Sustainable Pathways because I believe we need to bring together creative, passionate and skilled individuals together if we are to develop a sustainable world.

Story so far...

Over the past 20 years I have created and facilitated leadership, staff and community engagement and education programmes with companies ranging from Arup, Kingspan , Scottish Widows , Lloyds TSB , NOW TV, BSkyB, City Building Glasgow and World Rugby. 


​My involvement in sustainable development began 15 years ago when I created a piece of educational theatre for people to understand the importance of sustainability. Since then I have founded Trust Rugby International Group with the aim of bringing individuals, communities and cultures together through rugby. TRI Group was recognised by World Rugby when I received the Spirit of Rugby Award in 2018.

Qualifications and 

  • Time to Think Coach & Consultant  

  • Accredited NeuroLinguistic programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • StrengthScope Master 

  • SpotlightPractitioner

  • Sustainable Leadership, Cambridge University



Jamie is a force that opens people up to who they really are and allows them to make positive change and realise their dreams" 

Nancy Kline, Author of Time to Think


Jamie has the knack of bringing people together and with his presence subtly creates a safe environment to allow interaction and creativity.


His work breaks the mould of 'normal' learning and development interventions" 

Fiona Chapman, Scottish Widows

Jamie's Archive


A creative catalyst, coach, facilitator and social entrepreneur.