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What do I offer?

Human Sustainability Coaching

Team Coaching

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development Coaching

Education Thought Leadership & Consultant

Writing for Igniting Consciousness

About Kirsty

Strength: 'Illuminator'


Origin: ‘Convinced it is Paris!’

Why Sustainable Pathways Collective?

It felt like me; it feels like I have organically gravitated towards a group of individuals with whom my values are aligned around shared purpose and trust.


Our collaboration and independent work is profoundly rich, exponentially creative and deeply fulfilling. Partnerships like this are made with ease and remain sustainable.   

Story so far...

Since confidently letting go of my mother’s hand when reaching Nursery at the age of three, I have sought out and embraced learning.


My educative adventure moved progressively from school, first part time job prior to teens, global voluntary work including Israel and Croatia, a few universities such as the University of Richmond in Virginia, USA and the University of Cambridge, UK, travel and career exploration to pursuing teaching - my first avenue in education was the initial context of meaning for me.


Then came lots more travel in endeavouring to deepen my understanding of the world and engage with fresh experiences and making South Africa my home for over ten years where I fell in love and became Mrs Knowles.


After founding my own education business, to London, UK we moved and Senior Leadership and being Head of a Junior School evolved my career. 

And current chapter:

Fundamentally, I have discovered that the light is shining on the coaching, consulting and writing I am inspired and moved to do.


Still passionate about education, I continue to seek out and create opportunities to influence this arena but also draw on my expertise in education for the work I pursue outside of it. 

What are you curious about?

  • Individual and collective stories and how our narratives can be reframed

  • How people can get in their own way 

  • The power of limiting assumptions and thinking traps which prevent individuals from making changes 

  • Neuroscience of behavioural change 

What are you championing?

  • Human sustainability – shifting the focus to human ‘beings’ from human ‘doings’ 

  • Ensuring the sustainability of the teaching profession for individual educators and education organisations 

What are you pioneering?

  • Innovative and game-changing conversations, coaching frameworks and courses, and consultation to transform the culture of organisations for inclusive, diversely challenging and imaginative strategy 

  • How evocative and transformational water, in particular rivers, lakes and oceans can be for stimulating changes in perspective, unplugging imagination, nurturing the soul and navigating our future 

What are you discovering?

  • How different experiences of the river bring me even closer to the essence of flow it affords

Which SDGs are you working towards?


Qualifications and 

  • Working towards a Msc in Coaching for Behavioural Change at Henley Business School

  • Executive Coaching, from Henley Business School

  • Member of the Association for Coaching

  • Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Cambridge, UK

  • Former member of the Society of Heads, Junior School Heads' Committee 

  • CCRS (Certificate in the Catholic Teaching of Religious Studies) from the Diocese of Westminster

  • CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Frances King School of English, London, UK

  • MA in American Literature from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland with a year studying at the University of Richmond, USA



Kirsty has an amazing ability to create a partnering/co-creating a relationship with her clients through her ability to create a safe, supportive and trusting environment, where I felt comfortable to share and self-discover.


She has a high emotional intelligence and a real ability to understand body language and notice any shift in energy. Kirsty enabled me to reframe my perceptions/perspectives."

Charlotte Stewart, Johannesburg, South Africa

Kirsty is a decidedly passionate, proficient and inspiring mentor who is wholly adept at building professional relationships. She also engendered a feeling of self-belief and confidence in my own capabilities and deepened my love for the profession. 


Kirsty has a natural flair and uses her expertise in this field to foster high-quality teaching and learning. During my NQT year and as an Early Career Teacher, her coaching enabled(s) me to carve out space for self-reflection, insight and empowerment in the field of education."

Rachel Cooke, London, UK


Kirsty has incredible active-listening skills that allow her to connect and engage with her coachees from the first session. She has enabled me to uncover what I should rather stay away from or transform. 


Kirsty’s subtle, supportive and direct approach coupled with structured frameworks and sensible processes enabled me to acquire more clarity and empowerment, and helped me to understand my inner processes, gaining a better understanding of what was keeping me from moving forward. The biggest personal revelations were sparked by Kirsty. All that while still moving at a pace that was just right for me." 

Bettina Roethlin, Vienna, Austria


I was delighted to collaborate with Kirsty Knowles to complete our first pilot project for our Primary Schools programme for environmental awareness which took place at Richmond House School, Yorkshire, UK. Thank you for your support Kirsty.”

Raquel Naboa, Founder and CEO of Fifty Shades Greener, Global Organisation


As a recruiter, Educator Sustainability is a subject very close to my heart. Burnout and career exhaustion are all too real in this industry. We seriously need to rethink how we scaffold and support our Educators and I truly believe that Kirsty Knowles (I am your number one fan, Kirsty) is a pioneer in this mission. I am over the moon to see that she is launching an online course aimed at fostering longevity in this sector. Check it out, read her articles, watch this space. Kirsty is making waves..."

Anthea Hill, Senior Recruitment Consultant, anzuk.Education, London, UK


Volunteering for a Sustainable even Better World



Ambassador for Wordly Wise CIC. Passionate about sharing what we know with young people who have questions to ask us: educating, inspiring and informing.


  • Helpline Volunteer for Get Connected! An organisation conceptualised by Diana Lamplugh and part of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. A free phone line at Kings Cross Station in London, UK to connect children and young adults running away from home to necessary services.

  • Fundraiser and Overseas Volunteer for Firefly Youth Project. Working closely with a Drama Therapist in Croatia to integrate children and young adults from different ethnic and religious backgrounds resident in or close to Bosnia, deconstructing cultural barriers and creating a sense of community that would continue to grow and provide sustainable support.

  • Voluntary Tutor for Promoting Higher Education for LEAPS (Lothian Equal Access Programme for Schools) in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tutoring Year 9 and 10 students (14-16yrs) from a local under-privileged secondary school to encourage and support them to pursue Higher Education. 

  • Voluntary Camp Counsellor in Michigan, USA. Supporting and challenging children 5 to 18yrs from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds during interactive, outdoor based week-long stays. Work also included liaising with social services and parenting workshops.

  • Voluntary English Teacher in Haifa, Israel for Teacher Trainees. Teaching English language and pedagogical strategies for teacher trainees.

Kirsty's library of articles


Top pick in the International Teacher Magazine


A dynamic and agile Coach for sustainable behavioural change, inspiring Education Thought Leader and Consultant and ardent Writer for generating curiosity.