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5 Platforms Helping SMEs Reach Net Zero

For obvious reasons (climate & ecological breakdown), over the past few years there has been an explosion in purpose-driven platforms entering the market aimed at helping businesses reach net zero, and go beyond.

Platforms can make it faster and cheaper for companies, in particular SMEs, to gain a somewhat accurate representation of the emissions associated with their company and begin taking action.

We’ve picked out some of the platforms aiming to do just that and highlighted what makes them different from each other.

1. APlanet - 'The holistic one'

On a mission to ensure sustainability is at the heart of every decision, APlanet adopts a holistic approach enabling businesses to measure and track their emissions, water usage, waste production, health & safety, impact on employees and more. This differs from the other featured platforms which have a laser focus on Net Zero.

The software eliminates the challenges around sustainability data by automating the data collection process, aggregating data across your company and/or client portfolio - allowing you to share your companies impact to wider stakeholders with ease.

APlanet's focus on measuring and tracking Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indicators allows you to take action across multiple fronts and develop a business that truly creates positive impacts on people, planet and profit.

This sustainability platform is perhaps most appropriate for medium-sized companies in search for an all-in-one tool.

2. Small99 - 'The action-focussed one'

Instead of focussing on the measurement part of the pathway to net zero, Small99 prioritises actions and practical steps that small businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

For £15 a month you can develop your own net zero to do list, track your progress and access their community of other like-minded businesses.

One aspect of the Small99 community is their highly popular networking events, fittingly named People-Planet-Pint, which take place across the UK and further afield. Our brilliant members Jacob & Gabriella recently hosted one in Texas.

This could be an ideal solution for small and micro business owners looking for a ready made list of actions they can begin taking to move towards net zero.

3. Zellar - 'The small biz measurement one'

Zellar’s platform enables SMEs to take climate action by first helping you measure and understand the emissions associated with your business across Scopes 1 and 2 (Scope 3 feature coming soon).

Companies of 10 to 30 employees can access the platform for £400/year and in addition to measuring your emissions, you’ll receive a customised emissions reduction action plan. Meanwhile micro merchants and start-ups can measure their emissions and will receive access to a resource bank of tools to help you take actions for £250/year.

Regardless of size, as you measure and take action the platform benchmarks and tracks your progress against comparable businesses.

Zellar's simple and user-friendly platform design seems ideal for SMEs aiming to get a handle on the emissions they are creating.

4. Spherics - 'The Scope 1, 2 & 3 one'

From £9/month, Spherics enables SMEs to measure, manage and mitigate their GHG emissions in 3 simple steps.

By connecting your accounting software (Xero, Quickbooks or Sage) to their platform, it converts your current financial data into a carbon footprint. This automatically generates insights on a dashboard, creating a visual representation of your impact.

A key differentiator with the Spherics platform is that it allows you to measure and track your CO2 emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3, enabling you to take actions internally to reduce your carbon footprint and in your supply chain.

5. Ecologi Zero - 'The free one'

Ecologi Zero offers a free calculation, visual and insights dashboard for SMEs to track and reduce their carbon emissions in near real-time. By entering essential business information such as office premises and employee numbers, the software generates a calculation of your Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Similar to Spherics, the platform also tracks Scope 3 emissions which is hugely important given that supply chains can account for over ten times more CO2 than operational emissions.

By connecting your financial transactions Ecologi Zero produces emissions values for each transaction, enabling you to comprehensively screen your entire value chain.

Ecologi Zero is currently under private beta testing at the moment, however they estimate it will be available for publicly by the end of the year.

Other platforms worthwhile looking into

Are platforms alone enough to create change?

Platforms allow us to save time, money and effort by automating and aggregating key information.

However, the shift towards sustainable thinking, living and working is a human challenge and one that requires complex behaviour changes.

To enable this change in your business, don't under estimate the power of working with real people, with experience, passion and purpose to truly connect and engage the hearts and minds of individuals within your business.

After all people drive change, tech can facilitate it.

Sustainable Pathways connects companies with leading independent sustainability professionals. Helping you move along your sustainable pathway and create positive impact 🚀

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