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Discover the innovative start-up making shoes from fruit 🍎 🤯

This week we are spotlighting MoEa - an innovative start-up based in Paris making trendy shoes from fruit.

What is an impact company? Open the drop down to find out 👇

An impact company is one that thrives by improving the wellbeing of people and the planet, not by destroying it.

By design, it aims to be regenerative and circular meaning it seeks to: design out waste; keep materials and products in use for as long as possible; and regenerate natural systems and communities. To find out more and a guide to help you understand your business model - click here.

MoEa, a funky short-hand for Mother Earth, was founded with one key objective in mind: “bringing people sustainable fashion without compromising on style.” And in my opinion, they’ve done just that.

MoEa offers a range of styles made apples, cactus, corn, grape and pineapple. Each shoe brings a different colour, energy and story; and you can now quite literally wear your favourite fruit on your feet - what’s not to like about that.

Like any impact business, transparency sits at the heart of MoEa’s culture. On their website you can access a full Life Cycle Assessment of their shoes detailing their environmental impact. They also show you the different carbon print between the fruit.

According to MoEa, using low carbon biomaterials and producing locally means their sneakers emit 89% less carbon than if they were to be made with leather. In fact, on average each pair only emits 5kgC02.

MoEa also prioritises social impact, the shoes are handcrafted in Portugal by skilled shoemakers in a workshop which respects all European labour standards.

In addition to ensuring employees are subject to fair employment terms, taking full accountability over your entire value network is also key to building a business that creates net positive impacts on people and the planet.

From MoEa’s perspective, they only work with suppliers that they've been able to visit because “it’s not their mentality to shrug off problems, with MoEa there is no “it's my supplier's supplier's fault'' because a brand is also responsible for the whole chain.”

And what happens once your shoes are worn out?

Don’t worry - they’ve got that covered too.

They’ve developed an innovative process to recycle old MoEas into new soles, which saves up to 40% of rubber. Not only that, you’ll get 10% off your next pair.

On a Future-Fit pathway

Future-Fit’s breakeven goals provide a clear minimum performance threshold which every business must strive to reach if we are to successfully thrive equitably and in harmony with the Earth.

From my brief insight into MoEa’s sneakers they seem to be on the right path on at least the following goals:

⚡️ Products emit no greenhouse gases

⚡️ Products do not harm people or the environment

⚡️ Products can be repurposed

⚡️ Employees are subject to fair employment terms

⚡️ Product communications are honest, ethical and promote responsible use

So, if you’re looking to buy a new pair of trendy sneakers - don’t bother with the standard, polluting, incrementally changing high street brands.

Go transformational, go MoEa.

My favourite are the ‘All Ins’


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