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Sustainability Compass

Benchmark and report your sustainability performance and develop an action plan with our user-friendly tool.

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Questions, tasks, and projects all in one place

✅ Ask the key questions. All questions are derived from the Future-Fit Benchmark 
✅ Capture and link responses to each question

✅ Create tasks and link them to specific questions or projects

✅ Create projects and collaborate with team members
✅ Easily create a sustainability report with the key findings from the questions 

✅ Make it your own. It's built on Notion, so you can easily add bits and edit it to suit your own needs.

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Templates, guides and lists of 'things you can do' to create a positive impact on people and planet

✅ Internal policy templates 
✅ Pre-written emails to suppliers

✅ Lists of actions you can take to reach net zero, cut waste, improve your company culture

✅ and much more! 

A tool with an impact

Depending on what you decide to pay, we will donate a percentage to a cause creating an impact.

So you're investing in your own sustainability journey and supporting a worthy cause that positively impacts a local community.

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Sustainability Compass

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✅ No subscription, just a one-off payment

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Thrive now and future.

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