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Overview & Background

Between April 2022 and January 2023, Sustainable Pathways collaborated with eBay and Small Business Britain to deliver a transformative, one-hour interactive workshop on sustainability. This collaboration was an integral component of the eBay Roadshow, offering attendees insights and actionable steps toward sustainable business practices.

The eBay Roadshow is a renowned event that attracts businesses, partners, and consumers. With the growing emphasis on sustainability in business and consumer practices, eBay recognised the need to incorporate a strong sustainability component into their roadshow.


The main objectives of the workshop were:

Educate attendees on the importance and benefits of sustainability in the modern business landscape.

Provide actionable steps and strategies businesses can adopt to improve their sustainability practices.

Enhance the overall value of the eBay Roadshow by addressing a topical and vital issue.

Gauge attendee interest and feedback on sustainability to inform future eBay initiatives.


Sustainable Pathways designed a bespoke, one-hour interactive workshop tailored to the eBay Roadshow audience. The workshop was structured as follows:

1. Introduction to sustainability: Context, importance, and the current global scenario.

2. Case studies showcasing businesses that have successfully integrated sustainability, reaping both environmental and financial benefits.

3. Interactive segment: Attendees were engaged through quizzes, polls, and discussions, allowing them to reflect on their current practices and identify areas of improvement.

4. Practical takeaways: A guide on actionable steps businesses can implement immediately.

Results & Feedback

The workshop was delivered at multiple eBay Roadshow events between April 2022 and January 2023.

Over 5,000 attendees participated across all sessions, indicating a strong interest in the topic.

eBay reported increased engagement during the roadshow, attributing part of this success to the inclusion of the sustainability workshop.

Direct testimonials included feedback such as: "The sustainability workshop was an eye-opener. Not only did it emphasise the importance of sustainable practices, but it also gave us a clear roadmap to start our journey."

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