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Feeling a bit stuck with sustainability? We're here to guide you on your way.

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Creating Sustainability Action Plans


Developing Leaders


Running Diversity & Inclusion Workshops


Creating Psychologically Safe Teams


Engaging Employees in Sustainability


Carbon Accounting & Net Zero Plans


Branding & Graphics


Running Impact Accelerators

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Don't believe us?

Anna Matthews

Head of Business for Good
Small Business Britain

During our work with eBay on their year-long Business Roadshow, Ciaran did a fantastic job of delivering insightful and dynamic sustainability presentations and, thanks to his professionalism and enthusiasm, we encouraged hundreds of entrepreneurs in sustainability.

Kim Wallace

Director of Membership
Social Enterprise Scotland

Sustainable Pathways have a wealth of knowledge, engaging delivery style, are a trusted partner are very skilled at being a ‘critical friend’. Their enthusiasm, energy, passion and commitment to responding the climate emergency is positively contagious.

Ghzala Khan


If you want bespoke, person-centred leadership development which is inclusive, psychologically safe and focused on sustainable solutions, then Sustainable Pathways is for you.

Anila Mizra

Equalities Manager
Historic Environment Scotland

The partnership with Sustainable Pathways gives a new dimension to the equality and inclusion work of HES. It has sparked the idea of psychological safety and the importance of creating a safe thinking culture in the organisation to make our processes and procedures sustainable and inclusive.

Fiona MacAlpine

Mac Pool

Thanks to Sustainable Pathways, we've turned our green ambitions into real action


There's no such thing as a silly question - reach out if you're still unsure.

What kind of businesses do we help?

We work with companies of all sizes and industries that are committed to creating a positive impact and improving their sustainability practices.

What makes us different to a traditional consultancy?

We are a networked company meaning we are all independent professionals. No one is paid a salary. This allows us to be flexible and deliver great value and impact for money.

What is SusNav?

SusNav is our platform for freelance sustainability professionals and SMEs looking to become more sustainable.

How do we support Accelerators?

Our network of sustainability professionals enables us to develop robust sustainability-related accelerator programmes. By bringing together a diverse range of individuals with vast amounts of experience.

How do you help businesses become more sustainable?

Our networked approach enables us to work with you to discover the challenges you face in terms of sustainability and then connect you to the right individuals and build teams to support you on your pathway.