Sustainability doesn't need to be overwhelming.

Join a tight-knit collective of sustainability managers and small business owners working to create an even better world, one day at a time.
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What's involved?


Monthly braintrust

Tackle complex challenges through collaborative problem-solving sessions. Gain insights and practical solutions in a supportive team.

Momentum mates

Partner with a fellow sustainability professional to share experiences, exchange ideas, and support each other’s projects.

Workshops + resources

Enjoy exclusive discounts on professional development workshops that are designed to deepen your knowledge and expand your skills.

Slack community

Engage in our 'By Next Friday' channel, where you can set and share weekly tasks to maintain momentum and achieve your goals.
Go further and faster, together.

Think of us as your back-end sustainability support team.

Navigate the complexities of sustainability with confidence through our comprehensive support network. Whether it’s overcoming imposter syndrome, accessing coaching, or expanding your team with expert freelancers, our community is designed to make your life easier and take things off your plate.

Overcome imposter syndrome

Being around like-minded peers is crucial for grappling with the enormity of your responsibilities. Our community helps you gain confidence and overcome feelings of imposter syndrome.

Coaching and Mentoring

Access one-on-one coaching and mentoring to address and overcome the challenges that hinder your progress.

Expand your team, on-demand

Whenever you need additional expertise or hands-on support, tap into our extensive network of seasoned sustainability freelancers ready to join your project.

"The team is invaluable with some fantastic ready-to-use resources, which is a huge time-saver when you’re an SME. Most of all, it is a safe space to share your thoughts; gain feedback; find support; and come together with like-minded people who want to make the world a better place."

Olivia Gaunt
Sustainability Manager, Fox Agency

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Safe space to share challenges
Need a space to vent? Let off some steam? We've got you covered.
Access trusted tools, resources and experts
Too many tools, experts and resources to choose from? Feeling overwhelmed? It's all good, we can help you think things through.
Enhance your impact with like-minded people
You're not alone. Your with like-minded souls driving change.


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Monthly Braintrust
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Momentum Mates
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Workshops + Resources
Slack Community
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