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Custom sustainability training

Tailored workshops designed to meet your unique sustainability goals and engage employees with your strategy.

Leadership and team development

Boost team cohesion and foster a culture of psychological safety to enhance collaboration and innovation.

CPD Sustainable business training

Rapid, impactful 90-minute training to kick-start your sustainable business journey. Ideal for employees and SMEs.

CPD Psychological  safety training

Learn the key principles of building a trusting team environment where innovation and honesty flourish.

Sustainability strategy workshop

Craft an actionable sustainability plan tailored to your unique needs with our guided workshop. This one is ideal for SME's.

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Why us?

We get people thinking with a sense of ease, igniting ideas

To move people, keep it simple and actionable. That's what we do.
We start by understanding what you truly need – no cookie-cutter training here
People are moved by fun, engaging, and interactive experiences – PDFs and PowerPoint? Not so much.
Our workshops are crafted to inspire action and keep you awake – we promise, no snoozing

Sustainable Pathways did a fantastic job of delivering insightful and dynamic sustainability presentations.

Anna Matthews
Head of Business for Good, Small Business Britain

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We run regular workshops on a range of topics with our team of facilitators.

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