Small Business Sustainability Basics Course

Impact Business

We joined forces with Small Business Britain, Oxford Brookes University and Small99 to deliver the "Small Business Sustainability Basics" Course. This programme targeted over 1000 small business owners across the UK, focusing on sustainability in business practices. The course aimed to empower small businesses to integrate sustainable methods into their operations.

Overview & Background

Small Business Britain, an organisation committed to supporting small businesses, alongside Sustainable Pathways and Small99 recognise that sustainability is increasingly becoming a key factor in business success. However, many small business owners lack the resources or knowledge to implement sustainable practices. To bridge this gap, a collaborative project was initiated with Oxford Brookes University, known for its research and expertise in sustainability.


Educational Outreach: To provide quality educational resources to over 1000 small business owners spread across the United Kingdom.

Sustainability Focus: To concentrate the curriculum on sustainable business practices, covering aspects like operations, social responsibility, and long-term viability.

Skill Development: To impart skills necessary for implementing sustainability measures effectively, such as waste management, energy conservation, and ethical sourcing.

Community Building: To create a network of small business owners committed to sustainable practices, fostering collaboration and shared learning.

Impact Assessment: To monitor the implementation of sustainable practices and evaluate their impact on business operations and societal benefits.


The "Small Business Sustainability Basics" course was meticulously designed to include multiple modules focusing on different facets of sustainability. The course was delivered online, ensuring wide accessibility.

1. Modular Design: Each module focused on different aspects of sustainability, from reducing carbon footprint to ethical labor practices.

2. Expert-Led: Professors and sustainability experts from Oxford Brookes University, Sustainable Pathways and Small99 facilitated the modules, blending academic rigour with practical insights.

3. Interactive Webinars: Live webinars were conducted to clarify doubts and facilitate discussions among participants.

4. Resource Bank: An extensive collection of case studies, white papers, and templates was made available for ongoing reference.

5. Networking Events: The online events also served as an opportunity to encourage community building and networking among participants.

Results & Feedback

High Completion Rate: Over 80% of participants completed the course, a testament to its relevance and quality.

Practical Implementation: Many of the businesses reported implementing at least one new sustainable practice as a direct result of the course.

Community Growth: A dedicated online community was formed where business owners continue to share success stories and troubleshoot challenges.

Positive Reviews: The course received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with many business owners requesting more advanced modules for further skill development.

The partnership between Sustainable Pathways, Small99, Small Business Britain, Oxford Brookes University has not only enriched the business acumen of small business owners but has also contributed to the larger goal of a more sustainable future. With empowered and educated businesses leading the way, the course has set a new standard for what small businesses can achieve in the realm of sustainability.

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