Sustainability Transformation for Scottish Sports Futures with Future-Fit Benchmark

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In a pioneering move towards sustainability, Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) collaborated with us to conduct a comprehensive sustainability impact report based on the Future-Fit Benchmark. The project included the development of a sustainability action plan and educational workshops aimed at up skilling SSF staff on various facets of sustainability. This multi-pronged approach has positioned SSF as a leader in sustainable practices within the sports and youth development sector.

Overview & Background

Scottish Sports Futures, committed to inspiring young people through sports and physical activity, recognised the need for embedding sustainability into its organisational practices. The leadership of SSF decided to invest in a robust program that would not only measure their current sustainability efforts but also guide them toward a future-ready model. Utilising the Future-Fit Benchmark, an internationally recognised framework for corporate sustainability, they sought to achieve this transformation.


Sustainability Impact Assessment: To perform a thorough analysis of SSF's existing sustainability initiatives using the Future-Fit Benchmark.

Action Plan Development: To create a tailored sustainability action plan that aligns with SSF’s mission and operational realities.

Staff Up skilling: To run educational workshops aimed at enhancing staff understanding and engagement with sustainability issues.

Long-Term Commitment: To set SSF on a path towards continuous improvement in sustainability, making it an integral part of the organisation’s culture and strategy.


The project was designed as a holistic initiative that included assessment, planning, and education, each reinforcing the other to create a culture of sustainability within SSF.

1. Future-Fit Benchmarking: An extensive sustainability impact report was developed by analysing SSF’s current operations through the lens of the Future-Fit Benchmark. This provided a baseline against which to measure future improvements.

2. Sustainability Action Plan: Utilising insights from the benchmarking exercise, a comprehensive action plan was created to address gaps and harness opportunities for making SSF more sustainable.

3. Educational Workshops: A series of workshops were conducted for SSF staff, covering various topics ranging from waste management to ethical sourcing and energy conservation.

Results & Feedback

Informed Baseline: The Future-Fit Benchmark report served as an eye-opener, providing a well-defined starting point and highlighting areas for immediate attention.

Action Plan Adoption: The sustainability action plan was formally adopted by SSF’s leadership, signalling a firm commitment to becoming a more sustainable organisation.

Cultural Shift: The workshops and action plan initiated a cultural shift within SSF.

Stakeholder Praise: The initiative received commendation from various stakeholders, including partners and donors, who appreciated SSF’s proactive approach to sustainability.

By committing to a Future-Fit approach, Scottish Sports Futures has not only benchmarked its current sustainability practices but also laid a robust foundation for future improvements. With an engaged staff and a well-defined action plan, SSF is set to become a model for how sports-focused organisations can effectively integrate sustainability into their core operations.

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