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In an important step toward nurturing a psychologically safe work environment, the West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC) collaborated with us to run a series of workshops based on the CPD Accredited "Creating a Safe Thinking Culture Course." The workshops, designed to enhance psychological safety, were offered to the organisation's full staff team, consisting of over 40 people.

Overview & Background

WSREC, dedicated to promoting social justice and equality, realised the necessity of instilling psychological safety within its internal operations. To meet this need, our specialised CPD course focused on "Creating a Safe Thinking Culture" was deployed for its entire staff. The course aimed to promote open communication, mutual respect, and innovative thinking within the teams.


Psychological Safety: To enhance the level of psychological safety within teams, making it easier for employees to voice their thoughts and concerns.

Communication Skills: To train the staff on how to have constructive conversations without interrupting, thereby facilitating better dialogue.

Effective Meetings: To provide staff with the tools to conduct more effective, inclusive, and productive meetings.

Idea Generation: To adopt methods like Pixar's famous Braintrust, fostering a culture of collaborative problem-solving and innovation.


To achieve these objectives, a well-structured series of workshops was organised, covering various components crucial for fostering a psychologically safe environment.

1. Open Conversations: Sessions were designed to educate staff on the importance of allowing open conversations without interruptions, equipping them with practical techniques to achieve this.

2. Meeting Etiquette: Workshops included methods for running better, more effective meetings where every voice is heard and valued.

3. Braintrust Methodology: Specialised sessions were conducted to teach the staff how to utilise the Braintrust methodology to generate innovative solutions to complex problems.

4. Scenario Practices: Role-playing and real-world scenarios were incorporated to provide practical exposure to the topics covered, ensuring that the lessons could be easily applied in the workplace.

Results & Feedback

Innovation Boost: Teams reported an increase in the quality and quantity of innovative ideas generated during brainstorming sessions, crediting the Braintrust methodology.

Cultural Transformation: Staff expressed greater satisfaction with the organisational culture, highlighting the newfound sense of psychological safety.

High Satisfaction: Over 95% of participants rated the course as "Very Useful" or "Extremely Useful," praising its practicality and immediate applicability.

This initiative has dramatically impacted WSREC's internal culture, proving that psychological safety is not just a theoretical concept but a practical tool for enhancing organisational performance. By empowering its staff to communicate openly, think creatively, and collaborate effectively, WSREC is well on its way to realising its social justice and equality goals from a foundation of internal psychological safety.

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